About us:

Knowledgeable, creative and personable service

At Interior Design Pro Team we ensure that we keep our clients happy by maintaining our many years track record in producing knowledgeable, creative and personable service. We have staffs who are licensed in interior design and can meet you interior design needs. All our interior designers are fully qualified and can work with different types of design concepts and styles and therefore we can meet whatever you need.

We change the look of your home

If your home is simply old-fashioned, we can bring it to life with our interior decorating ideas. With the right design, you will have your desired home, you will impress your visitors and you can boost the value and appeal of your home when selling.

We bring your design to life

At Interior Design Pro Team, we will interpret your vision and ideas to create that distinctive and inspirational interior that is finished to the highest standards.

We all love to have a place to call home. Home is where we spend most of our time and therefore it is important to ensure that it looks and feels right. We need a home that is practical, comfortable and is a reflection of our true personality. However, it can be difficult and time consuming to transform these ideas into reality.

When working with an interior designer, there is a need for trust and honest communication. Since every project and designer is different, it is important to discuss needs, wants, likes and a budget with a professional to create a perfect working relationship. Before the initial meeting, it can also be helpful to spend a little time flipping through magazines to find your personal style and have some ideas about color. Gather the magazine photos and pages you like together with the color and fabric. It can also be helpful to have a separate pile of the things you do not want so as to help you and your designer to know the things to avoid. Other questions and ideas that you may gather such as an estimate of your budget will lead to a better experience with the designer. At Interior Design Pro Team, we start our design services with a home consultation. We will send an interior designer to your home who will listen to your ideas, thoughts and needs. We will use these as the starting point for creating a fresh surrounding. Our designer will come with sample books, catalogues and swatches to bring your vision to life.

We will then send to you a detailed estimate. One of our staff will follow up with you, answer any questions that you may have and help to develop the project further. We will help you choose the furniture, paints and fabrics that meet your needs. We will also orchestrate the project’s scope with different contractors where necessary to ensure that we account for every necessary detail. If you would like to transform your space, you should contact us on 888-348-2788.

Key features

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  • img Suitable for any budget
  • img For both commercial and residential constructions
  • img Variety of styles
  • img Highly-skilled interior designers and decorators